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Good Shepherd offers English speaking residents and visitors the opportunity to worship and serve God in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.  ​


The Church of the Good Shepherd, located near Shilin station in Taipei, Taiwan is a unique, English language multicultural parish.


We are a congregation of Taiwanese, Australian, British, South African. Americans, and from the churches of Ireland, Scotland, USA, St Kitts and Nevis, Canada, Kenya and New Zealand, and Malaysia etc


Good Shepherd has always been a community of people from many nations.  We are friendly and welcome you whether for one or many visits.  The transient nature of our group means the challenge of often saying goodbye, but also the blessing of regularly welcoming newcomers.

We are part of the Anglican Episcopal family of churches that consists of an estimated 85 million Christians who are members of 44 different Churches. Officially we are known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.


​The English Congregation is friendly, and diverse and inclusive.  We are an extended family with various nationalities, ethnicities and spiritual backgrounds. 


Several of us are expatriates in Taiwan, working in business, engineering, diplomacy, education and also international students. Some of us are married with one spouse or both Taiwanese. Some are from elsewhere in Asia but we are all part of The Good Shepherd family. You''ll be very welcome!

Please come along and share our service.
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