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For pastoral needs, please contact Father Herbert, 0988-689-801,

English Service:
9:30am with Sunday School

Our Church has a special and interesting history. The Episcopal Diocese of Taiwan was established by Chinese Anglicans escaping mainland China, and since much of the early Anglican leadership in Taiwan was provided by American military chaplains, Taiwan so became linked to the Worldwide Anglican Communion through the Episcopal Church.

In all likelihood you went to church in an Episcopal, Anglican or Protestant Church in another country such as The Church of England. If you'd like to check if your "old" church is in the associated list, then check that out here -


The Episcopal Church, established shortly after the American Revolution, has its roots in The Church of England. When the colonies won their independence, the majority of America’s Anglican clergy refused to swear allegiance to the British monarch as was then historically required. As a result, the Episcopal Church was formed.


Our Church is set within a complex of buildings constructed in a Chinese style with a central courtyard around which is the Church, clergy offices, community center, living space, and the church school.

Taipei's Church of the Good Shepherd is a multicultural parish with two congregations, one that speaks English and the other that speaks Mandarin Chinese Each congregation has its own clergy, Sunday School, Executive committee, a combined Vestry, and ministries with the Rector overseeing the entire church.  


Today, our Church serves both the international English-speaking community, and local Chinese population in Shihlin. Separate services are conducted each Sunday with their own clergy in English, and then later in Chinese. On one Sunday each month, both congregations come together for a combined service in two languages, English and Mandarin.

English Service:   9:30am with Sunday School
  **  Chinese Service:   11:00am  **

  **  This bilingual service is held on the fourth Sunday of each month at 09:30am.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide spiritual grounding, and an oasis for English speakers in Taiwan; to use our unique and diverse gifts in service to the lord, and to Love one another as Christ loves us.

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