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The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

        509 Zhong Zheng Road, Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan


Our Church is easily reached by public transportation: -



  • Shilin Station on the MRT red line;

  • take Exit 1;

  • at the main road (Zhong Zheng Road), turn left;

  • walk west along Zhong Zheng Road for about 10-15 minutes;

  • after the pedestrian overpass, Good Shepherd is on the left;

  • walk down the stairs and through the courtyard. 




The 508, 601, 536, R10, R7, 206, 255, 304, buses pass the MRT Shilin Station and the church.

From Tienmu, the 508, 536, 601, 206, R12 buses go to the church.

Our bus stop is the Yang-Ming High School.




The Mandarin address below can be shown to a taxi driver or if driving yourself, cut-and-paste into Google Map or your iPhone.


Map app for directions: -


         牧愛堂 台北市士林區中正路509號

Good Shepherd location map schematic
Church of Good Shepherd street photo
Good Shepherd sign/logo street sign
Good Shepherd Church entrance
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