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Good Shepherd offers English speaking residents and visitors the opportunity to worship in the Episcopal/ Anglican tradition and is an oasis providing a place for community activities, supporting spiritual enrichment, learning and cross-cultural fellowship.


In all likelihood you went to an Episcopal or Anglican Church in another country.

If you'd like to check if your "old" church is in the list, then check that out here  -

You may wonder who make up our congregation and whether you'd be at home to visit with us whether you live in Taiwan permanently, temporarily, on business, an international student, or just visiting family, or on vacation?

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The English Congregation is friendly, diverse and inclusive.  We are like an extended family of people of various nationalities, ethnicities and spiritual backgrounds.  Several of us are expatriates in Taiwan, working in business, engineering, diplomacy or education. Some of us are married with one spouse or both being Taiwanese. Some are from elsewhere in Asia.

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