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The English congregation is a sister congregation to the Taiwanese congregation, which worships in Mandarin. There are two priests. Rev. Keith Lee is our rector. Rev. Dr. Herbert Barker, our priest-in-charge, leads the English congregation. In addition, we have an executive committee for the English congregation, and a shared vestry together with the Taiwanese congregation. Our executive committee meets monthly from August to May. Each congregation has two wardens. Mary Reyes is our administrator (serving graciously as a volunteer). We are grateful to the Taiwanese congregation for supporting many parts of our ministry (accounting, building management, etc.) and to volunteers who serve in worship.

Our current pastor is Rev. Dr. Herbert Barker (“Father Herb”), who began his ministry as a Methodist and was a chaplain before serving in a variety of ministries. Father Herb served an Episcopal church in California before coming to us in 2010.
My welcome to the Church of the Good Shepherd’s English Congregation in Taipei!

I’m happy that you have made your way to us today serendipitously, intentionally, or by habit. We invite you to come in and put down your cares for a while. Learn and lean on the Spirit of Christ. He is gentle and humble at heart and you will find rest, encouragement, and gracious challenge for your human spirit. In our church-oasis we hope you revive the greening of your soul.


For us, “greening” is a way of speaking of life’s vitality and growth in harmony within nature and God’s love. You are invited to come, belong awhile with us. Allow us to accompany you for a way as you journey through life’s adventures.


Our doors, minds, and hearts are open to you all. Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on the journey of life and faith, you are welcome to share in all that we do here--our worship, our prayers, our learning, our service, and our table that is set before us by Christ himself.


We believe that the Holy Spirit calls us to be a place of greening of the heart, mind, and soul. Therefore, in becoming alive in Christ, we come to live in harmony, understanding, peace and love. Come and consider how you may wish to belong, believe, and befriend within a spiritual oasis community that transforms

strangers into spiritual companions and friends of God.


Welcome, make yourself at home,

Father Herb B.
     The Rev. Dr. Herbert J. Barker
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