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The Church of the Good Shepherd, located near Shilin station in Taipei, Taiwan is a unique, English-language multicultural parish. We are a congregation of Taiwanese, Australian, British, Hong Kong, Nigerian, Singaporean, South African, US, and many other nationalities. While some members are “cradle Episcopalians,” we also include many Anglicans from around the world, as well as those from mainline or liturgical traditions that worship with us while in Taiwan.
We are a diverse congregation, including people from many backgrounds, occupations, lifestyles, and church traditions, and we try to welcome everyone who attends. Some of our members come just for a season, but others stay for years. One of our core motifs is the “oasis,” which serves as a communal gathering point for those on their journeys.
Please feel free to visit us, experience worship for yourself, and stop up to our fellowship time to say hello.

To learn about the history of our congregation, visit the “Our History” page or the Church of the Good Shepherd Wikipedia page.
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